Best Openable Heart Pendant 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Every woman be it any phase of their life they are very fond of jewelry. Jewellery is a whole theory on its own. There are so many options available in the market and every day new options are coming as fashion trends. Mostly there’s one piece of jewellery which is no matter how the fashion trend is going, its always in every women’s personal favorite. This Best Openable Heart Pendant is made up of 92.5 hallmark silver with rose gold platting.

Importance of Best Openable Heart Pendant

  • The pendant gives you a sober as well as elegant look on every occasion.
  • A customized pendant will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Be it any party, formal occasion, or wedding ceremony. It suits everywhere.
  • Customized pendants improve the beauty and give class to your look.
  • Also, it makes you feel special as you are wearing something creative and trending jewellery.
  • They are the best gift option as they can be crafted in several variations.

Facts Inspired Us To make Best Openable Heart Pendant

Why does the heart symbol look like this if the human heart actually looks like this? And why do we believe that the heart is the epicenter of love?

Whether they’re filled with chocolate and love notes, punctuating your text messages, or popping out of cartoon characters’ bulging eyes, hearts are pretty much everywhere…Or they will be until all of the half priced candy sales on February 15th.

But considering the heart symbol looks almost nothing like an actual heart and we’ve known When did the heart symbol emerge? And what are some theories surrounding its unusual shape? the heart shape is rumored to be modelled off of other less…loving anatomy. As we have also made our Best Openable Heart Pendant in this shape.

Namely the shape of breasts and buttocks. But it sounds more romantic to say, “You’ll always be in my heart” rather than belting out the lyrics to “My butt will go on…”

Other theories about the heart pictogram say that it’s not modelled after human body parts at all, but actually draws its inspiration from nature. The heart shape is thought to be a depiction of the shape of ivy leaves which are also connected to symbols of fidelity.

Others theorize the heart shape is connected to Silphium.

But why do we associate the heart with love? Well the heart and the idea of the heart as the central part of human emotions, feelings, ethics, personality, and love have also been used metaphorically throughout history and Hearts can have meanings that encompass sincerity or something that is vital and essential.

Which makes a lot of sense, since if those tickers stop ticking you probably have a lot bigger problems on your hands than whether or not you have a date for February 14th.


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  1. Garima Madaan (verified owner)

    I am so glad to gift this amazing piece to my parents..They loved it!!
    The quality and the finishing is really good.. Thanks 😊

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